Commons Health Hospital Challenge

The US healthcare system is in the midst of a significant transformation.  Healthcare costs, health disparities, the global burden of obesity related disease, and ecologically related health impacts are but some of the factors influencing this change. Expensive health care treatment is taxing the resources of an already overburdened healthcare system and, as a result, the communities in which they are based.

These are an important reminder that we all share in the health of one another, our communities, and the health of our planet. And it is why physicians, nurses, citizens, community organizations, business leaders, elected officials and others are coming together to help improve the health of their communities and are working to support and emphasize incentives for health promotion and primary prevention throughout their communities.

The Commons Health Hospital Challenge was developed to recognize and promote those hospitals that are leaders as institutions at linking clinical practice with health promotion and primary prevention. It is also a call to action, because without the example from healthcare, it become hard to imagine how our homes, businesses, schools and government might adopt simple prevention efforts.
View the Northland News Center clip above:  "A Call-To-Action for Hospitals to Practice What Doctors Preach"
Funded in part by the Statewide Health Improvement Program through the Community Transformation Grant

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